WebSportPlan Login

You need to register on the service’s start page to train using the WebSportPlan project –  https://app.websportplan.com/en-us/account/login

Initially, the WebSportPlan service supports most of the languages, so you better choose the desired language from the site menu.


The language menu is located in the upper right corner of the page and opens by clicking on the flag of the country and language. After choosing a language, the site interface is automatically loaded for the selected language.

The WebSportPlan project supports quick registration through social networks: FaceBook, Google (will be soon). 

Customer registration with email or Social group

If you do not have an account in Social Groups or you do not want to register through this option, please, use manual registration in the project through the “Create” command.

Customer registration with Social group

User registration

The unique identifier for your registration will be a special nickname that you can create later when you log in to your account.

We value the privacy of our users, so the WebSportPlan project does not publish or display email in the public domain.

Users are searched via a unique nickname, not via email. Email is required to receive notifications: training, results and to communicate with colleagues in WebSportPlan.

Indicate Name, Surname, email address, your date of birth and password for logging in.

The password for entering the system must be at least 8 characters.

User credentials for registration

If you want to use a more secure password, you can use our password generator during the registration process.

Confirm that you are a person, not a spam robot through the captcha code and send your information for validation.

A verification letter will be sent to your email address to confirm. Follow the link to verify your email address.

Registration confirmation of customer

If you did everything correctly, you can log into the project account on the registration confirmation page.

Welcome to the WebSportPlan Portal Account!

Please add more detailed information about yourself. Why do you need this?

If you want to find fellow athletes by interests, locations in your city or region, by sports – do not be too lazy, enter all this information! 🙂

User profile page

User photo – add your photo so that your friends quickly find you and add you to the group. Supported formats: Jpg, Png, Gif, Bmp. Supports photo scaling when adding.

Profile – will automatically create a name from your first and last name. You can change it differently if you are not comfortable with the proposed option. The profile supports only Latin letters, you can also use numbers.

Country, city, information about yourself, gender – indicate your country, city of residence, and information about yourself. These data will help other athletes find you by territorial search.

Your favorite sports – choose from the list those sports that you practice. For example: Running, Swimming, Weightlifting, Cycling. The number of sports is not limited.

Add your favorite Social Networks if you want more subscribers to WebSportPlan to know about you.

User Account settings

Parameters – indicate additional parameters about yourself (weight, height) and the measurement system (metric or English).

The default payment method – in this section you can attach your convenient payment method if you want to pay for progams, for trainers options or want to buy a higher level of privileges in the project.

Good news for those connected! At the time of the launch of the WebSportPlan project, we give 6 (six) months of free access to our users!


In this section you can manage privacy settings, messages that will come to you when various events occur (new photos and videos of a subscribed user, the appearance of your friend’s new workout, publication of the competition results).

The “Notifications” section consists of 3 main parts:

General part – in this section you can control the information when new events occur. For example: requests, status changes, publication of new tasks or training results.

Incognito mode is available for those users who do not want to be available in the system. Your information cannot be found and it will not be published for general search.

user notifications settings

Personal – this section is responsible for managing notification settings, monitors changes in the WebSportPlan project, as well as those publications made by users of the project.

personal notifications block

Coach– Section for project trainers. In this section you can control your rating, the rating of other athletes, as well as receive notifications if your athletes publish training results.

coaches notifications settings