How to create a group

How to add a workout to a group – see below

To create a group, you need to go to the menu – “Groups”.

create group

You need to select the icon in the “Group” window – “Create a group” to start creating a sports group.


Label how to create group

In the right drop-down section specify:

create group window

Group logo – this can be a photo or an avatar.

Group name – will be displayed in the list of groups.

Sports activity – select sports activity, for example (running, crossfit, swimming, etc.).

Group description – a brief description of the group.

Public – this group will be visible to everyone for search.

Regular group – if this option is checked, means that the group is engaged without a coach.

creating group

Once created, the group will automatically be added to your general list of sports groups.

You can find the following information in the general list:

The name and logo of the group, the description of the group, and the number of participants in the group.

You can edit, delete a group or view the group parameters (list of participants).

group explanation

Initially, the group will have only one member, this is the group creator.

To add new members to a group, you need to know:

1. Group member must be registered in the WebSportPlan project


2. You can invite a member to the group, knowing his Email.

invite to group

Depending on the group type (Public or Regular), the background color of the group will differ.

Club group – orange color.

The trainer group is red.

The usual group without a coach is the turquoise background color.

How to add a workout to a group

Go to the menu – “Training”.

To create a workout for a group – you need to select a desired group (Personal or Group).

create group and training

For more details on how to create a workout, see the separate Help Guide at this address.